Four In A Row by OutOfTheBit Ltd., recommended app for people living with dementia

Four In A Row by OutOfTheBit Ltd., recommended app for people living with dementia


This app is a recreation of the popular game from Hasbro known as Connect 4. The aim of the game is to match four coloured tiles in a straight or diagonal line, whilst trying to block your opponent from doing the same. The app features a two-player mode that allows for an inclusive and interactive game with people in the same room sharing a device. Alternatively, users can opt to play against the iPad or online against another human player (players are unable to communicate with each other online). 

The game boasts strong aesthetics, with a neat and simple design allowing the user to concentrate solely on the game, distraction-free. The app contains limited accessibility options, and players are unable to adjust the speed of the game or aesthetic preferences, however there are three levels of difficulty when playing against the computer opponent.

The free version of the app offers the full game but with the presence of adverts in a narrow strip at the bottom of the screen. Due to its position on the screen, where users can unintentionally rest their hand and tap the advert's link, we recommend that the optional In-App Purchase be made to remove apps. This can be accessed through the main menu in the upper right corner of the screen.

Tip: In-App Purchases do require a password before completion, but they can be completely restricted on your device, if preferred. For information on how to do this for the Apple iPad, read our step-by-step guide.

Recommended settings

Access the settings by tapping the Menu in the upper right corner and then Settings. We recommend the following (in bold):

  • Sounds (tap to turn off/on)

  • Swap Colours (tap to alternate red/yellow)

  • Use Accelerometer (tap to turn off/on)

  • Difficulty: Easy, Medium or Hard

For multiplayer games, tap Settings, then tap the Players icon once for a 'pass and play' game on the same device or twice for an online game.