Gin Rummy by Random Salad Games, recommended app for people living with dementia

Gin Rummy by Random Salad Games, recommended app for people living with dementia

This app presents a classic recreation of the card game Gin Rummy. The user plays against the computer, taking turns to pick-up and discard cards. A simple tap control method is used throughout the game. The display shows the player’s full hand clearly, making it easy for the user to see and select which card they want to play. A useful feature of the game includes customizable card design as well as multiple background and card deck colours, allowing the user to modify the game to their favourite aesthetics. Additionally this app also features an automatic pairing mechanism. Some other apps analysed required the user to make their own sets of 3 or 4 cards, which could become complicated and difficult. However, this app helps the user by automatically matching up cards and stacking them on one side of their hand. At this time, this app does not allow for customizable card positioning but ensures the user’s full hand is constantly re-organized to show cards in ascending sequence. Another useful feature, is the hint option which highlights possible sets & runs if the card in the discard pile is a favourable one to pick up (as shown above). User’s can further customize gameplay by selecting from three difficulties as well as the score points required to win.

The main limitation of this app is the presence of full-screen adverts, that although occur infrequently, cannot be easily dismissed and can be disruptive during gameplay. There is currently no option to purchase an upgrade to remove adverts through the app, but these can be eliminated by simply turning off Wifi without interrupting gameplay.

Although the app contains a detailed set of instructions, listed under ‘Help’, we recommend that users have prior knowledge of the gin rummy game as the rules are quite complex to learn from scratch. 

Recommended settings


Settings can be found directly from the main menu or by tapping the home icon during game play. The original settings will be suitable for most people, as the classic turquoise background is non-distracting and the card designs contrast well and are easy to read.

The game features a detailed round summary of points lost or acquired from deadwood which can be toggled ON/OFF from the settings menu. Optional hints, difficulty settings, point score to win and card design can also be customized from this easily accessible settings menu.