Hangman by Critical Hit Software, recommended app for people living with dementia

Hangman by Critical Hit Software, recommended app for people living with dementia


Critical Hit Software has recreated the classic game of hangman as an app. The aim of the game is to guess letters to spell out the word the computer has thought of. When the player incorrectly guesses, the iPad automatically draws one line of the gallows. The objective is to guess the word before the stick man is hung. This app has a clear clean background, with minimal distractions. In addition to this, the user has the option of using unlimited hints if they are stuck and need to reveal some letters. There is clear audio feedback when users are correct, however there is no feedback if users are incorrect. In addition to this, the app does not offer the choice of different difficulty levels and the categories range noticeably in their difficulty. However, the app does offer a wide selection of categories to select from, including colour, seasons and sports, not seen in other apps reviewed.

The basic version of the app includes adverts that are present on screen during gameplay and a full-screen advert is also displayed after each game. For this reason, our recommendation is to purchase the ‘remove ads’ feature from the home screen. 

Tip: In-App Purchases do require a password before completion, but they can be completely restricted on your device, if preferred. For information on how to do this for the Apple iPad, read our step-by-step guide.

Recommended Settings

To access the settings, tap the settings menu on the home page. Here, we recommend the following (in bold):

  • Sounds (on/off)

  • Show gallows (on/off)

After pressing play, there are many different categories to choose from. We recommend starting with either colour or food, before progressing to others.